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Bamboo is becoming the darling of many green products today due to its natural beauty, inherent strength and sustainability.
Bamboo is both decorative and useful. It contributes to the subsistence needs over a billion people and has played a significant role in human societies.
It is the fastest growing woody grass in the world. Its long life makes it a Chinese symbol of longevity, while in India it is a symbol of friendship.
They are economic and high cultural significance in East and south East Asia where they are used extensively in gardens, as a building material, and as a food source.
Discover one of God’s ultimate gifts. Discover Bamboo Living.

The Naissance… How it began…

In the year 1989, at a very young and tender age of 18, Mr. Noe Gumayao, a worthy successor of his family business, catalyzed the growth of then Noe’s Upholstery and Enterprises, now proud to be known as Pinili Home Décor.

Pinili is a Filipino word which connotes positive values such as chosen, favored extraordinary and superior. These have become the foundation of Pinili Home Décor in the deliverance of extra-ordinary quality products of the locality… and later on to the World Market.


The Growth…Decada 90…

After ten years of the company’s endeavor in the manufacturing and repair of furniture, Mr. Gumayao decided to explore the international scene for the manufacture of uniquely-crafted furniture using the perfectly unique and the most abundant raw material in the region- Bamboo.

Pinili has developed various product lines that carefully embody a genuine art of manipulating the beauty of the bamboo. Chairs, tables, furniture, furnishing, houseware, lamps and pet toys… mini to huge fabrications… ethnic to modern designs…


The New Millennium… Innovation…

Pinili has invested in product development and design to enhance the marketability of its products and has collaborated the expertise of one of the country’s very promise young artist-designer, Mr. Carlo Tanseco. With his adept knowledge in art, he has guided Pinili to produce more dramatic pieces and furniture collection. Now, Pinili’s line of furniture and accessories has achieved a remarkable acceptance in both the domestic and international arena.


The Social Responsibility… Pinili’s Thrusts…

Profitability is not the only reason why Mr. Gumayao and his family ventured into exporting. Helping the community through the provision of jobs to the people in the locality, and seeing them live an adequate life with the chance to send their children to proper education, are just a few of the more meaningful sights that make Pinili inspired and delighted. Its goodness reaches to more than 70 families in the province. It has become Pinili’s answer to the call for corporate social responsibility…

Bamboo Planet Pinili Home Decor
Philippine Int'l Furniture Show 
February 2006





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